Lofoten Photography Tour

The pinnacle of the Lofoten photography tour is always the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). For this singular reason, the Lofoten photography tour mainly operates between the months of September to May. This is the period when the lights are most visible within the region. This is not to say that the Lofoten photography tour leaves out other areas of interest. There lies an abundance of scenery which are just lying in wait to be photographed. This tour types gives way to those standard photo destinations and takes guests on an unparalleled adventure into achieving something unique. There is much history behind the pictures one will take during the Lofoten photography tour.

The oldest known rock formations call the Lofoten Islands as home and it is indeed a marvel to be able to explore them and find your way into capturing that alluring angle. An icy climate is to be expected during the Lofoten photography tour but what especially makes up for this is the mostly untouched nature of the islands. This is what gives that extra special touch to the photos. There is not much in the way of people, pollution or jarring buildings which are going to hinder your pictures or your photo taking abilities. The Lofoten photography tour is open to people from around the world, with or without a prior photography knowledge.

You will have to bring along your own photography equipment for the trip. Some tours do provide the bare basics, but if you do need additional lens or a tripod, then best not to forget these items. over a dozen local islands are visited during the Lofoten photography tour, all placing an emphasis on taking quality pictures, but don’t worry, tour guests will not be left to their own devices. A pro photographer tags along every step of the way, guiding the group into the prime picture locations and then also offering to them their expert advice in getting those perfect shots. For this factor alone, the Lofoten photography tour is a sure fire way of knowing you will come away from a fully satisfying trip.