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Understanding the Drugs that Stimulate Melanin Production

Genes are responsible for every part and functions of our bodies. The genetic composition of our bodies dictates our skin colour. How dark or light our skin is, is determined by the quantity of a substance produced by the action of genes called melanin. In simple terms, melanin is the skin colour pigment. The colour of our hair and eyes is something else melanin is responsible for. We cannot underestimate the importance of melanin due to its numerous advantages.

Melanin has been hugely linked to protecting us from getting sun burns and even skin cancer. The protection is enabled by the fact that melanin can protect us from the destructive UV rays of the sun. But there are instances where our bodies are unable to produce sufficient amount of this precious pigment. The risk of getting sunburns or the dangerous cancer is very high in such cases. The process that results to the production of melanin is called melanogenesis and it takes place in the presence of sunlight. Sunbathing is mainly done for this reason. There are drugs made for the people who in one way or another cannot make it to a place with sufficient sunlight. Here are the reasons why you should go for these drugs.

The drugs manufacturers have been able to single out the part of our bodies responsible for melanin production. What the drugs do is to stimulate the melanocytes to release melanin even without sunlight. This means that if you are in the middle of winter in the polar countries or unable to go out for sunbathing, you can still get your skin in the best condition. The parts of your body that are rarely exposed to the sun are also to get good body pigmentation with the aid of these drugs.

Very few drugs can be said to come with positive side effects. The melanocyte stimulating drugs are however a huge contrast to this as they have been proven to also treat both male and female sexual dysfunction. For this reason, you will find people using them to treat sexual dysfunction. Using the drugs, therefore, means that you not only solve your problems with skin colour but also your sexual problems.

The liver and the kidney are not affected adversely by the melanocyte stimulating drugs and this makes them good for human use. Research has shown that these drugs do not in way change the blood composition as well as any other vital body organs. This is possible because the dosage for these drugs is minimal, which means no residues of the drugs are left in your body.

The Path To Finding Better Shopping

The Path To Finding Better Shopping