The Biggest Spectacles: Three Massive New York City Theater Productions Continuing to Deliver in 2018

New York City is the place to be for incredible stage productions. There’s no contest, and 2018 is continuing to deliver on some astonishing staples of the theater scene. Some of the cities’ shows embrace classic stories while others are continuations and revivals of new millennium productions that have garnered massive crowds and widespread support. Below are three Must See Attractions NYC revolving around the magic of theater.


Stomp is emboldened by the Rhythm of New York in a very visceral and impressive way. Stomp is a musical, but one iconic for its groundbreaking approach to live music. Performers play the music with brooms, trash can lids, and other items to create a collage of seemingly random music. It all comes together for an alley cat story of trying to thrive and survive through living the dream in New York. Stomp is a mainstay of New York theater, and it is continuing into 2018.

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera is a surefire classic. Beginning originally as a book from classic literature, this revisiting of the story brought new ethos and new energy to the gothic tale. Phantom of the Opera was also a Joel Schumacher film in the early 2000’s. What that film missed, the stageplay took to new heights. 2018 will see another iteration of Phantom of the Opera continue on.

Wicked the Musical

Wicked is a captivating story, an exploration of the classic fairy tale in a grim and moody setting. The story of Wicked is both sardonic and whimsical, channeling some of that eerie energy and darkness popular in recent fairy tale renditions. Wicked began as a book from Christopher Moore. Since the debut of the play, it has been a smash success. A film version is expected to release in 2019.

For now, the best way to experience Wicked is through the musical in New York City. It’s a story that takes fairytales and turns them on their head, with a bewitching energy you can expect from a sarcastic princess and an ironic hero. Wicked is potentially the grandest of the three major productions listed here for 2018.